Service Desk

Turner Techtronics, Inc. (TTI) provides an Enterprise Service Desk experience that can be adapted to organizations of all industries and sizes, improving delivery and quality of IT services at an enterprise level. Our network of professionals have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to implement and support an Enterprise Service Desk and can provide you with full-scale methodologies to meet your organizational needs.

Whether you in-source or out-source your Enterprise Service Desk, TTI will partner with your organization to ensure your end users have all Information Services needed from a single-point-of-contact.


Our primary initiatives to achieve solid performance from an Service Desk include:

Driving resolution and fulfillment at first contact

Providing completed end-to-end ownership for all incidents and service requests

Functioning seamlessly in a multi-team environment

Providing outstanding end-user experience and satisfaction

intelligent automation

Turner Techtronics, Inc Service Desk solutions incorporate personalized services with integrated intelligent automation and self-service portals to improve efficiencies in response and resolution. Acting as a Single-Point-of-Contact dedicated to providing improved performances to the end-user with proactive Service Desk expertise and solutions across the entire organization. 100% Onshore from our 24×7 Service Center in Burbank California