One of the most sensitive industries is that of the world of finance. You hear horror stories of banks or institutions that have been hacked into and identities have been stolen of 1000’s of customers. No business ever wants to hear that their customer’s private information has been stolen and money is missing.

Financial services in 2020 was defined by a sudden acceleration in digitization and digital engagement—pushed by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Exchanges shut down their trading floors and moved to remote trading, mobile banking transactions spiked, personal trading apps saw record transaction volumes, and call center personnel kept customer support going by working from their living rooms.

Financial institutions are now thinking strategically about their technical setup and questioning whether the tools that they have previously relied on are the right ones to use going forward. The modern customer demands a more personal and catered service, and one that can be provided to them exactly when they want it, typically at the click of a button.

Turner Tech can assist in addressing the Digital Transformation in finance financial institutions use cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for business processes and for ‘point solutions’ on the fringes of their operations, including security analytics and KYC verification.

The overriding principle is that financial institutions and their IT organizations must be prepared for a world where change is constant—and where digital comes first. Turner Tech can help support transitioning and replicating the existing legacy platforms to cloud-based platforms requiring important changes across, and around, the entire IT stack.

Turner Tech finds that many financial institutions still rely on the same information security model that they have used for years: one that is controls- and compliance-based, perimeter-oriented, and aimed at securing data and the back office. But information security risks have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, and the approach that financial institutions use to manage them has not kept pace.

Security and compliance are high priorities for both financial institutions and Turner Tech. With ever-changing compliance regulations and the constant evolution of technology, Turner Tech can help keep your infrastructure up-to-date and compliant. Team up with Turner to customize a support structure to fit your needs and help keep your data secure.

It’s about using intelligence to make better operating decisions, enabling our clients to do more with less, drive savings to the bottom line, and keeping data safe. Once intelligence has been embedded across our clients’ product and operating value chain, opportunities are endless. These include scalable solutions across multi-site operations, true virtual digital twin models of live operations able to test new processes and create sustainable, economical solutions, servicing of products before they break down and new customer experiences.

Digital transformation is here. Team up with Turner to ensure streamlined IT workflows, processes, automation, and efficiencies for a flexible managed or co-managed IT support solution that fits all your finance, business and IT needs.