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Choosing the right solution, both at the application and infrastructure level, is key to meeting the strategic needs of your business ensuring sound business practices can be supported by your IT Framework. Turner Tech works closely with you to present a clear vision of the state of your current and future enterprise architecture. Turner Tech provides our customers with a best practices approach that relies on understanding business process and system interdependencies to ensure that they are fully understood, implemented, supported, and improved by appropriate solutions and measures.

Custom Software Development

Turner Tech provides custom software solutions that help you build mission-critical and complex application that address your unique business requirements and provide solutions to your individualized business processes.

Data Analtyics

Thanks to the availability of big data, business intelligence and analytics software, every business and organization has the ability to improve their operational efficiency, remove costly bottlenecks, expand their market footprint and drive increased revenue.

We are witnessing a massive influx of data today and getting weighed down in the flood of big data can be costly and time-consuming, and it can be difficult to parse meaningful insights if you cast too wide a net. Data analytics services from seasoned professionals can provide some much-needed expert support, helping to establish a successful analytics program that delivers tangible results.

Application Modernization

Improve reliability and usability while reducing maintenance costs by modernizing your aging applications with cloud-based technologies and the latest UI frameworks.

Enterprise application modernization is the process of bringing older software up to the technological standards of today and ensuring that it can continue to meet the needs of your business. That may include replacing code with new programming languages, migrating software to a different platform or completely rearchitecting the solution from the ground up. This can be done in phases to not sacrifice the current functionality of the application.

Cloud applications support incredible elasticity and scalability, while offloading day-to-day OS and hardware maintenance to a cloud provider. Lower costs, fewer headaches, and better growth opportunities – cloud migration for enterprise applications can be extremely beneficial.



Information System Assessments

Turner Tech works jointly with you to conduct formal project assessments to understand your overall strategy and business objectives and align them to solution scope, deliverables, and ROI analysis. Such assessments will provide you with a clear understanding of the current state and needs of your business and conduct gap analysis to ascertain future state recommendations. The output of the assessment is a project scope, future state, and transformation roadmap documents that define the solution strategy and potential return on investment for presentation to project stakeholders.


Business and Technical Requirements Gathering

To ensure that you choose the appropriate technology to meet your company’s needs, thorough business requirements for the implementation of your future information technology solutions are required. As an addition to our assessments or as a stand-alone service, Turner Tech will work with you by facilitating sessions with your subject matter experts and business unit stakeholders. The outcome of the business and technical requirements gathering is a list of requirements and processes that are converted into a specification document which is used as the benchmark for future technology implementations and/or optimizations.


Every TurnerTech employee is based in the U.S. We never off shore our services, ensuring you get efficient communication from a domestic team of knowledgeable tech experts.