Turner Tech knows the importance of keeping providers information secure and compliant through strategic implementation. Healthcare providers hold some of the most important information that people care about besides their bank account, and we know how sensitive this kind of information can be to their patients.

Healthcare data analytics, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and virtual health capabilities have expanded to support the pandemic response and recovery and in turn reshaping the healthcare industry. Providers must remain focused on improving the patient experience and be careful not to create new disparities in the health system through lack of technology access.

Well before the pandemic, many physicians were already facing heavy workloads, with too many administrative tasks and wanting more from digital technology, specifically electronic health records systems (EHRs). They still tussle with endless drop-down menus, alerts and regulatory reporting requirements that sap their efficiency and ability to provide a good experience for patients.

Turner Tech can help with Healthcare Digital Transformation and process automation leading to more efficient IT workflows and processes, enhanced portals through which providers can see what is happening to different claims, or straight-through processing, which aims to automate handoffs between different systems. Health systems are making the shift in automation from the back office of finance and human resources to the doctor’s office.

Digital transformation is here. Team up with Turner to ensure streamlined IT workflows, processes, automation, and efficiencies for a flexible managed or co-managed IT support solution that fits all your healthcare, business, and IT needs.