Save money, streamline your IT service management, and spend more time focusing on your core business. Our comprehensive IT support services will help you future-proof your technology with scalable and flexible solutions customized to meet the growing demands on your network infrastructure from big data and new applications and technologies.


Now that the “new normal” is either fully virtual or hybrid education, Turner Tech knows how important it is for schools to stay protected. The idea of having a kindergarten student’s account getting hacked into and showing a small child pornography is something that every parent and teacher have nightmares about.


One of the most sensitive industries is that of the world of finance. You hear horror stories of banks or institutions that have been hacked into and identities have been stolen of 1000’s of customers. No business ever wants to hear that their customer’s private information has been stolen and money is missing.


Turner Tech knows the importance of keeping providers information secure and compliant through strategic implementation. Healthcare providers hold some of the most important information that people care about besides their bank account, and we know how sensitive this kind of information can be to their patients.

Media & Entertainment

Turner Tech has over 30 years of experience working with Media & Entertainment companies of all sizes, providing Managed Services, Cybersecurity and much more for their everchanging industry. As our unpredictable world has become more virtual, but the demand for media and entertainment for the world is at an all time high, your company needs to be protected more than ever.


Every TurnerTech employee is based in the US. Because we never offshore our services, you get timely and effective communications from our knowledgeable tech experts. Our commitment to service excellence is second to none, and working with TurnerTech is simple and straightforward.

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