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Turner Techtronics Forges New Environmental Collaborations to Help ‘Green the Planet’


Turner Techtronics Forges New Environmental Collaborations to Help ‘Green the Planet’

Managed Service Provider Offsets Technology-Driven Carbon Footprint for Itself and Clients Through Exemplary Reforestation and Seaforestation Programs

BURBANK, Calif. – November 9, 2023 –

Turner Techtronics Inc. (TTI), a managed service provider with more than three decades of experience serving global enterprise clients (www.turnertech.com), today announced it has taken a significant step forward in mitigating the carbon footprint of its own business, and by extension, the carbon footprint of its technology-driven customers. To kick off this effort, through a collaboration with Evertreen, a pioneering organization dedicated to environmental conservation and reforestation, Turner Techtronics will plant an initial 1,000 trees in some of the most desolate areas of the world, offsetting carbon emissions while bolstering jobs in struggling communities and contributing to a more sustainable planet. In 2024, it will continue this initiative through a monthly reforestation program that will add another 40 trees per month. In addition, beginning in January 2024, through a collaboration led by Evertreen and implemented by Ocean Wise, an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the ocean, Turner Techtronics will also invest in seaforestation by cultivating and restoring 25 hectares of sea forested kelp over the next three years.

“At Turner Techtronics, we believe in harnessing technology to drive innovation and positive change,” says Ellen Turner, chief executive officer, Turner Techtronics. “That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Evertreen, a trailblazer in reforestation, seaforestation and environmental sustainability. Together, we’re on a mission to green the planet.”

Turner Techtronics has committed to planting its initial 1,000 trees in several developing nations, including Guatemala, Nepal, and the African nations of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Madagascar. Much of the deforestation in these areas was caused by agricultural expansion and urbanization. According to Evertreen, these first 1,000 trees will absorb 309 tons of CO2 emissions and create 125 man-hours of work for impoverished farmers in these areas of need.1 The impact on the environment goes well beyond reforestation, however. Calculations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency2 shows the 309 tons of CO2 absorbed by these first 1,000 trees is the equivalent of offsetting emissions from burning 314,001 pounds of coal, the consumption of 648barrels of oil, or to bring it closer to home in the tech industry, the equivalent of charging 34,098,875 smart phones.

The company will continue this effort with an additional 40 trees per month on an ongoing basis. Once they reach maturity, each tree will absorb the equivalent of 48 pounds of C02 from the atmosphere.3 Therefore, with 40 trees being planted per month, at maturity, the 480 trees planted in just one year will effectively clean 11.52 tons of future C02 per year, the equivalent of C02 emissions from consuming 24 barrels of oil, 1,176 gallons of gas, or charging 1,271,259 smartphones, significant figures Turner Techtronics’ clients both understand and appreciate.

In early 2024, together with Evertreen, Turner Techtronics will expand its conservation efforts to include a seaforestation project along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, planting 10 kelp beds per month. According to the experts at Ocean Wise, kelp grows 30 times faster than trees and is able to absorb and store C02 for centuries. Therefore, by growing and restoring kelp forests at scale, responsible corporate partners can help remove harmful levels of CO2 from the atmosphere, create better marine habitats, and combat ocean acidification while also adding to the economic opportunities for indigenous people in these rugged coastal communities.

Turner Techtronics believes that true corporate responsibility must include a focus on environmental stewardship. By partnering with Evertreen, it is putting that belief into measurable practice, offsetting CO2 emissions, creating jobs and restoring key natural habitats around the world. To learn more about Turner Techtronics and its sustainability impact, visit https://turnertech.com/about/sustainability-impact.

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